Aliza (alizabel) wrote,

answers to wes's questions and an update

first off, in response to wes's questions:

1) What's the story behind your userpic? well, to be honest, i couldn't really tell ya. i have no clue what i'm doing in it. that's in front of my house (my neighbors' garage in the background). I found a bunch of pictures a few months back from a long time ago and i loved some of them, this being one. i like the colors.

2) What does it feel like giving rides to seniors? gee, wes, what a question. it feels grrrrreat! i assume you mean 12th graders and not senior citizens, because they're a blast too. i like giving people rides, i don't know why, but i do. especially awesome people

3) Describe the weirdest relationship you have with a family member (distant or immediate). well, i suppose my great aunt shoshana. but everyone has a weird relationship with her. she lives in jerusalem and i had to spend some time with her when i was there. she's horribly offensive and homophobic and racist and ridiculous and i don't agree with anything she ever says. but at the same time, she can be loving. you just have to never listen to anything she says and just disregard it because she is so absurd. the whole time i stayed with her, i was either watching the millions of sopranos episodes she has or in my room pretending i was sleeping so as to minimize the conversing i had with her. she's a character and makes for lots of good stories though.

4) You seem to be friends with a lot of musicians. do you think you listen to your friends' music the same way you listen to other music? as in, is it something you put on every now and then to amuse yourself and think of old times, or do you listen to it often like your favorite bands? no, i don't think i listen to my friends' music the same way i listen to other music. it depends on which band it is though. i'd say kincade is the one of my friends' bands that i listen to like other music, but usually it's more of a special thing like "this is my friends' band" and yeah, to amuse myself and think of old times. but when i'm listening to my ipod on shuffle and a friends' band comes on, i feel awkward about it but i sometimes leave it on.

If you could be really good (really good) at one type of dancing, which would you choose? this is a really great question and i have no idea how to answer it. i think possibly jazz dancing, i think that's a boring answer, i just can't think of others. also, i always dance when i'm just around the house and i'm often doing jazz dancing type of moves, but i don't do them well, and i suppose it would be nice to.

okay, now that that's done with, i just wanted to write about a possible amazing opportunity i've been offered. next year, i might be an inclusion aide at prozdor (my hebrew school) with a special needs kid. as in go with them to their classes and help them out. i am so extremely hopeful that this will work out because, for once, i would actually look forward to sunday mornings. i would love love love to be able to do this and i'm so excited.
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