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this is mainly for me, i like to keep track.

The Year 2005:

[P E O P L E]

1. Best friends? hmm...a lot. (in no order) jrubes, eric, allison, ryan, jon
2. Best boyfriend/girlfriend? well, there was (still is) only one
3. Lost any friends? yeah
4. Gained any friends? yes
5. Met a new good friend? i think/hope so

[P L A C E S]

1. Went out of the country? yes, the big I.L. (country code, not state abbreviation)
2. Moved? no
3. New school? kind of, for a few months, technically
4. How many times on an airplane? 2

[Y O U]

1. Have you changed?: a ton
2. New look? i think so
3. Any new addictions? rosebud salve, readdicted to minesweeper, sudoku, urban renewals (thrift store in allston), jrubes, phone conversations (but i was kind of already addicted to those)
4. Biggest conflict this year? not sure, but probably having to do with TRY
5. Most depressed time this year? april through the summer

[L O V E]

1. Did you fall in love? mm..i don't think so
2. Did you get heartbroken? no
3. Who was your summer love? tali?

[S E A S O N S]

1. Favorite Season? fall
2. Least favorite season? spring (just this year)
3. Good birthday? i don't really rememeber the day, but the night was great (after mlandes was a douche)
4. Any snow this year? yeah, but i was in israel for a lot of it
5. Highest temperature? it got really hot, but luckily karli had a big fan on her bed

[F I N A L Q U E S T I O N S]

Snuck out – biggest mistake of my life
Met a person who will change your life – i think i had already met those people, except annabelle did, in a way
Kept your resolution – i don't remember
Had a first something - oh yes: first time in israel, first time riding in a cop car, first time drinking too much, got my license, etc
Had a crush - yes
Liked someone who didn't like you – yup

Lost a family member - no, baruch Hashem (thank God)
Got bad grades – yes
Got suspended - no
Moved states - no
Got a myspace – yes
Done something you totally regret – more than anything in my life
Changed your view on things – yes, in the sense that i matured about doing stupid things and i understand a lot more why certain rules are made

[D I D Y O U]

[x] break a promise
[x] do something you swore never to do
[x] lie
[ ] steal
[x] go behind your parents back
[x] disappoint someone close
[x] hide a secret
[x] pretend to be happy
[ ] get arrested
[ ] kiss in the rain
[ ] sleep under the stars
[x] forget your New Year's resolution
[ ] meet one of your idols
[x] change your outlook on life
[x] sit home all day doing nothing
[x] pretend to be sick
[x] almost die....not really, but i thought i was going to for a few minutes
[x] give up something important to you
[ ] lose something expensive
[x] learn something new about yourself
[ ] try something you normally wouldn't try & liked it
[x] make a change in your life
[x] find out who your true friends were.
[x] make a total fool of yourself
[x] meet great people

and also...

Take The First (few) Sentence(s) From The First Post Of Each Month Of 2005. That's Your Year In Review. (for some, i did the most significant post, not the first)

January - this is the one year anniversary of my livejournal. i just thought i would point that out. this new years, i've really thought about the past year, about the big events in my life, and i really am very happy with 2004.

February - i hate trying so hard to hide the fact that i'm crying when i'm on the phone with someone who's really important to me and i feel like i shouldn't be embarrassed, but i am.

another February - i love this place.

March - I have never been that scared in my life.

April - As I'm sure most of you already know, I am home.

May - i don't know what to do anymore. i don't want to complain to you, but i still cry whenever i'm alone.

June - this is my least favorite time of day. i hate sleep and everything about it.

another June - i think that, considering the circumstances, i am in a really good place right now.

July - none (i was at camp)

August - none (still at camp)

September - i'm back from camp. i've been putting off updating because nothing i can say could sum up or explain the summer. it was close to perfect, that's all i'll say.

October - just a quick update. school's ok. history was funny on tuesday because allison and i had a phone conversation monday night pretty much about everyone in our class, so then anytime anyone spoke on tuesday we just looked at each other and started laughing. in a nice way.

November - for the past few weeks, i've been having jaw problems. they've gotten worse and now my jaw doesn't open past maybe an inch or two unless i push it to the right. it's fucked up.

another November - my mom donated bone marrow today.

December - i really hope that everyone got a chance to see the moon on friday night. it was one of the most beautiful things i have ever seen.

basically, after reading all of my entries from the past year, i've realized that i spent a good, no great deal of this past year being depressed. (with good reason, in my opinion.) 2005 was a serious emotional roller coaster for me. in some aspects, it was the worst year of my life/most difficult year of my life. but it made me a lot stronger, and i think i got the closure i needed. back in april, i never imagined i could ever have gotten over it, but, although i still think about it, i think i'm done grieving now, and i'm just remembering happy memories.

i ended 2005 on a good note, and i think that's what important to me. i know 2006 will be better (there's almost no way it couldn't be) and i'm glad to have a milestone to move on from. this new years, for me, is going to be a separator between 2005 and 2006, not only on the calendar, but also in the sense that it will be closing off everything that happened in 2005 and just started with a clean slate for 2006 for so many opporunities and possibilities. i've gotta say, i'm pretty excited.
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