Aliza (alizabel) wrote,

my mom donated bone marrow today. it wasn't the surgical procedure way, though, it's a way where they inject you with this cancer drug for 5 days and it makes the bone marrow accessible to the bloodstream but can have pretty bad side affects, and then on the 5th day, you are hooked up with both arms for about 5 or 6 hours and can't move your arms the whole time, and they take blood from one arm, then take the bone marrow stem cells out of it, then pump the blood back into your other arm.

all she knows about the recipient is that he is a 26 year old man with CML (a type of leukemia), he doesn't live in this country and that, out of thousands of other potential donors, she was the best match for him. for the past few days she's been really uncomfortable and in a lot of pain and taking intense pain killers but she just kept saying that all this pain was nothing for the chance to save this man's life.

i love her and i couldn't be prouder to be her daughter.
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