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all of my powers day after day...

i love having a keyboard on a keyboard, it's just the right know?

(if you don't, i mean that i have a laptop sitting on the piano type of keyboard in my room, and it's just the right height for me to type on while standing)

my life continues to be comprised of awkward and random experiences and encounters. it's how i thrive.

"we were in love we were in love palisades palisades i can wait i can wait" is my new favorite website, along with
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  • 6 comments is awesome
even though half the time it's ppl just being like omgomgomg i love this song!!
Ooh thanks for recommending that website, it looks good.

Also, I agree-- "awkward and random experiences and encounters" are wonderful because they keep life interesting and original.
the ones I saw were just morons reading way too much into lyrics they didn't know anything about. i'm gonna go look at lyrics for bands I don't like
well i don't like it for the comments people make, really, i just like it because it has lyrics for lots of songs that other sites don't have
i know what part of the song it is now! palisades/predatory wasps something or other, the crescendo that isn't really a crescendo. yessssss.