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just because ben wu tagged me

Ten Things/More Than Ten Things
-List ten things you want to say to people but you know you never will.
-Don't say who they are, use people only once.
-Tag at least 3 other people who you want to do this. (3 people who are reading this and haven't done it and feel like doing it)

1. Even though i understand it, i'm upset that i'm no longer a main priority.
2. You act like a kid too much, i need you to be more stable.
3. I'm really jealous of you.
4. You ruined my life and made me clinically depressed for about a year and now you're doing the same thing to others.
5. You need to think before you speak because you say stupid things that embarrass me and offend me.
6. I don't like your voice.
7. It's not as important to me as it used to be and as it is to you.
8. I hate how you can almost never be serious, you're always joking and that makes me feel like everything i say is a joke to you.
9. I'm regretting it.
10. I wish i knew how to keep in touch better with you.

Tag: JRubes, Katie P, Ryanne Harper and Nomi (wah wahhh...Becky that means you)
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